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Our stone is tough. Independent labs show 300% strength advantage versus other stone products.

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Our vibrant colors permeate 3/4 inch, ensuring lasting vibrancy.
No surface powdering like the others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our product is real, high-quality concrete.  Some products may utilize reinforced fiberglass fibers distributed through the panel. Some specialized trim components may be reinforced with steel wire. We use only the highest quality blend of concrete ingredients.
  • Our mix is designed with the harshest climates of North America in mind.
  • Panels attach with a unique and patented insert system. These specially designed inserts are distributed throughout the panel. They effectively provide a ‘soft spot’ to drive a screw through the otherwise concrete panel. Each insert has a hollow plastic tube that faces the wall and a solid elastic rubber cap that faces the exterior. During installation, screws pierce the rubber cap, are driven through the hollow plastic sleeve.
  • The head of the screw is too large to pass through the sleeve so it pulls the panel against the wall securely as the installer drives the screw to its final position.
  • When the screw driver tip is withdrawn by the installer, the elastic cap of the insert “bounces back” to its original shape, hiding and sealing the head of the screw. A small fissure in the cap of the rubber will be visible, but is not obvious  from arm’s length or greater distance.
  • Yes. Independent lab testing has shown that the inserts will not leak, even under the harshest conditions.
  • Very well. You may notice only small fissures in the cap from arms-length or less. 
  • On a 22 inch long panel there are 4 inserts.
  • Corner pieces there are 3-5 inserts.
  • The inserts are located about every 6” along the panel length, beginning at approximately 2” from the end of the panel. If you look at the top lip of the panel you will notice little arrows cast into the panel. These arrows are an indication that there are inserts located in a vertical line with this arrow in the top and bottom joints on the panel.  There is just a single insert at each end of the panel, as there is typically just one joint.
  • If you are having a hard time identifying where the inserts are located, you can flip the panel over and more clearly see where the insets protrude from the back of the panel.
  • No, each panel is fully and independently supported by the screws. Testing has demonstrated that when attached to typical 7/16” OSB board it takes a vertical load of 500lbs to move the panel down the wall by 1/8”.
  • Some installers may temporarily install a 2×4 to acts as a rest and a straight edge during installation, then remove when the first row is started.
  • Yes, panels require a stainless “trim head” screw. These can be purchased from your dealer and provided with your order.   
  • The Spec for the Screw is :  #7 X 2.25” Trim Head, 304 Type Stainless Steel, T15 Head
  • No. If you simply rest one panel on top of another, manufacturing variances will add up in each successive row. Eventually as you add rows, you will notice the rows becoming progressively “wavy”.  
  • Manufacturing variances can and will happen. Our system is designed to deal with these variances by an intentional horizonal space of approximately 1/8” between the panels.
  • This space is then covered by the overlap designed into the panels.
  • No. Inside corners are not required and would actually require product to be cut to length in one more location for every row. Inside corners are cut from flat panels as detailed in installation manual  NorthRidgeStone.com/#installation
  • Our product offers superior protection. So, while rainscreen is not always a requirement, it is our recommendation.
  • Rainscreen is like an insurance policy on your siding products.
  • The function of rainscreen is for drying and draining.  Rainscreen gives a 2nd chance for water that has made it past your siding system to drain down the back of the siding system, vs wetting your wooden building structure. It also allows movement of air to dry the structure.
  • Practically speaking you can. However, in certain jurisdictions, vertical strapping does not qualify as a rainscreen system as it restricts horizontal air movement.  If you choose to install over strapping it may make sense to install strapping every 8” on center. Where strapping does make sense is over significant thickness of Styrofoam of over 1” thickness.

Please see attached illustration and instructions below:

  • Take a measurement from the outside layer of stone on the corner to the outside layer of stone on the final installed panel.
  • Transfer that measurement onto a full panel and make a mark.
  • Place step-cut template onto the panel with the arrow aligned with the mark.
  • Trace the edge of the step-cut template onto the face of the panel.
  • Flip the panel and replace the template on the back of the panel align shown feature on the template with the mark.
  • Trace the template onto the back of the panel. This creates a cut line for the ½” backset undercut.
  • Flip panel again with stone faces up. With the angle grinder and diamond blade, Make a full cut along line A and continue the cut to the edge of the panel. Continue cuts around the edges of the panel.
  • Flip the panel and continue the straight cut between the marks visible on the edges.
  • Tap the panel and break along the cut.
  • Complete cut lines B and C.  You may have to flip the panel and continue the cuts on the back until they join.
  • Tap the blocked shape as shown to remove. Touch up the corner with grinder to provide clean faces.
  • Place grinder blade in template as shown and trace reference mark onto blade with marker. This mark will provide a reference for a ½” cutting depth.
  • Flip the panel and make cuts along lines D, E, and F. Being careful to not dramatically exceed the cutting depth reference mark on the blade. on the
  • Transfer the ½” mark on the template to faces as shown.
  • Cut along line, cutting only as deep as reference line.
  • Remove cut material and clean up the cut. You may need to remove material from the inside corner as shown with the grinder.
  • Yes, our product may be installed over 1” of Styrofoam. This installation requires 3” long screws versus the 2.25” long screws that are delivered for a non-foam installation. Please advise your dealer accordingly when ordering and use our suggested 3.25” screw.
  • Yes, if the stone is supported on an exterior or supported wall. Our product is suitable for interior application.  For information purposes generally there would be three reasons why a stone product may not be used in an interior application:
      1. Cosmetic – Interior applications are viewed much closer. The authenticity of many competitive products does not hold up under arms-length or less. We put significant effort into producing a product that is indistinguishable from natural stone.
      2. Off-gassing – Some competitive foam and plastic-based products are made from petro-chemical bases. The resultant off-gassing of new or aging product may make them unsuitable for interior use.  
      3. Fire resistance – Some competitive foam and plastic products are flammable and may not be suitable for interior application.
  • Yes, while a more complicated install, we have a special 32” panel for these type of  applications.  Please speak to your NorthRidge Stone dealer for details.
  • NorthRidge through its partner distributor and retailers offer a special service where we can work to match a color or color of your choice.  This gives significant flexibility to match the color you require in a commercial setting or that “just right” color to beautify your home. (Additional lead times, minimum purchase requirements and surcharges may apply for this unique and specialized service).
  • Yes, please see your dealer for those additions to ensure the beautiful look of your installation is complete
  • Our produce has passed an ASTM E84 test for flame spread in a third party lab. The product is just concrete and no flame spread was observed.
  • Product may be cut with a conventional angle grinder and diamond blade. A blade as small as 4.5” diameter will work.
  • Our product is made with pride in New Brunswick, Canada. We develop and utilize some of the most advanced production technologies in the industry.
  • Our goal is to deliver consistent, high-quality products

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